Do This Before You Go To Bed Tonight

Before you go to bed tonight think about all of the things that happened to you today, including all of the conversations you had.

You might find that most of it happened only in your mind.

Most of the things that will upset you today will be things that never actually occur, and you’ll likely exaggerate in your mind the ones that do.

We tend to upset ourselves more than anyone else does.

“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” ~ Mark Twain

How Do You Measure Your Worth?

Somewhere along the way someone told you that you were no good.

And somewhere along the way someone had good things to say about you. 

So why should you default to the negative? If you are going to live in the past you might as well make it a good one.

Better yet, why not come back to the present and stop measuring your worth based on the opinions of others?

Shame Off You

At one time or another we’ve all had someone tell us that we should be ashamed of ourselves – a parent, teacher, relative, neighbor, even a minister. Sometimes even people in the media tell us that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

And we believe them.

We believe them, because it usually starts at an early and impressionable age. And we continue to believe them even into adulthood, because we know we are not perfect, we’ve had many failures along the way. 

It’s natural and healthy to be disappointed about some of the mistake we’ve made, particularly the ones where we’ve hurt other people. But we should not allow anyone to make us feel worthless or unworthy of a better future or that we have nothing positive to contribute.

Embrace where you are in your journey. There’s no need to “become” something before you can be useful. Perfection is not a prerequisite to usefulness.

You cannot be any more perfect than you are when you are being of service to others. Allow your unique personality, talents, and experiences to guide you.