On Being Your Own Person

There’s plenty we can and should learn from one another and it’s good to find comfort and inspiration through the words, art, and example of others, but ultimately we have to find our own path, our own voice, and be our own person.

You didn’t come into this world to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing. You have an opportunity to be different, to show those around you and the world a different way.

You brought with you a divine spark, don’t let the world extinguish it. Be who you were created to be, live the life you have been called to live and return Home knowing that your mission is complete.

Living In The Moment Is Scary

Learning to observe the moment is an invaluable tool for living. We do, think, and say, a lot of unnecessary and counterproductive things because of our lack of mindfulness.

We are natural problem solvers and life is very much about solving problems, but many of our problems can be avoided by not creating them in the first place. Sometimes we create problems because we are unaware of the moment and the insights that can be gleaned from it.

We are afraid to live in the moment. We are afraid of what will happen if we are not constantly making plans and solving potential problems. But we have to let go of many of our projections and learn to live in the present reality. 

It’s all about letting go. It can be scary and liberating at the same time, but we have to lose our life if we want to find it.

Where To Find Good Counsel (and I don’t mean a lawyer)

Listen to what brings stillness to your soul. Fluffy messages give you unrealistic expectations and false hope. Don’t look for fluff, look for truth.

Truth will lead you beside still waters where you will find rest for your soul. Don’t take counsel from people who are not able to help you with this. They may be very successful in their field and may seem content with their life, but that doesn’t mean what they do is right for you.

The greatest counselor is within you and will never lead you astray. We go astray when we ignore this inner presence and go looking elsewhere. Find the real you beneath the ego, and beneath the insecurities.