One Day You’ll Be Dreaming Of Something You Have Now

What we don’t yet have we might yet gain, and what we already have we might yet lose.

Work toward your goals and your dreams, but remember that one day you will be dreaming of something you have now, maybe your youth, or your health, or a lost loved one. We will lose things along the way.

Most of us are already rich, we have more than the majority of humanity has had throughout history and even in certain parts of the world today, in terms of luxuries, life expectancy, personal health, freedom, healthy children, and many other things that we generally take for granted.

Don’t let a lack of appreciation for what you have and a lack of mindfulness for the present moment cause you to be too focused on the future and the things other people have that you don’t. And don’t let the stress of what you don’t have destroy what you do have.