How To Be Extraordinary (in a good way)

To be extraordinary is to have a way of doing, thinking, and/or communicating that is beyond the ordinary. Something unusual.

On the surface it doesn’t sound like it would take much to be extraordinary, but to be truly extraordinary is to be different in such a way that your unusualness sets you apart from the crowd and you become known for the unique qualities that you bring to the table.

Being extraordinary requires a willingness to take risks. It requires you to risk being misunderstood and/or rejected, even by those closest to you. It might also require you to risk short-term or long-term financial stability. Perhaps even death.

Being extraordinary is your gift to the world. But don’t expect the world to recognize it right away. For this reason, being extraordinary requires you to be humble and patient.

Being extraordinary may not lead to long-term success in your life-time. But if it does, it may take a long time and there may be many ups and downs, detours, and setbacks along the way. For this reason, being extraordinary requires perseverance.

Being extraordinary is not an act, it’s not a mask or costume you wear in order to stand out. It’s about choosing to be yourself and follow what you feel is your purpose in life.

Being extraordinary is not about seeking admiration, it’s not about chasing after fame or fortune. It’s about being yourself, regardless of the outcome.

Being extraordinary is not about being different just for the sake of being different. Nor does it require you to be a contrarian, though it probably will.

Being extraordinary is about reconnecting with your true self and helping others do the same, through your example. 

Being extraordinary is an act of service to yourself and to others. And in this way you help set the world free from its fears and empower individuals to become their own leaders.