Fear Of Failure

We usually think of fear as an inherently negative force or emotion, but really it’s all in how we use it. Fear can save your life or it can destroy you.

Fear can keep us from doing unnecessary and destructive things or it can cause us to do irrational and needlessly dangerous things. Fear can also motivate and supply us with the tools necessary to survive difficult and dangerous situations (think “Fight or Flight”).

Fear of failure can motivate us to succeed, or it can deter us from even trying. Fear of failure can be a self-fulfilling prophecy or it can be its own worst enemy. It’s all in what you allow it to be.

We don’t get everything we want in life and we are not able to realize all of our dreams, but we are able to do and be part of extraordinary things if we continue to believe in ourselves and follow our intrigues.

Sometimes circumstances cut our progress short, but often it is we who cut our opportunities short by giving up early, or by not starting in the first place.