The Folly Of Ambition

Some people are able to achieve great success in their life, they set big goals, they work hard and they become great at something, but for many of these high performers their ambition blinds them from the most important things in life, and they forget to enjoy themselves.

In a world where so much emphases is put on the importance of performing at a high level, achieving goals, being the best, etc., we forget the importance of doing things just for the enjoyment of it.

We tend to focus on what we believe are our deficiencies and we try to find ways to overcome them, but we often do this at the expense of making the most of the moment. Ironically, that may be our greatest deficiency of all — the inability to fully appreciate the moment, to be one with the task at hand, instead of being so concerned about our “performance” and what we need to do in order to improve.

What we really need is to be less concerned about what we lack and more mindful of the present moment. This is the first step in any realistic desire for “self-improvement.” This is how we become more fully alive — more fully human.