Why You Should Speak Your Truth

We often hold back our ideas because we are afraid of being rejected by others. And instead of being rejected by others we end up rejecting ourselves by remaining silent.

Sometimes it’s hard to say what we want to say, for fear of being misunderstood, judged, and ultimately rejected. It’s inevitable that some people will not receive the message you are trying to convey, regardless of the delivery method. We often hear what we want to hear, rather than what’s being said. Throw in language barriers and confusion over meanings of words and the problem is compounded.

It’s unfortunately common for people to be rejected simply for having the guts to speak their mind. It takes courage to explore your deepest thoughts and concerns. Even more if you plan on sharing them with others.

If ideas and beliefs cannot be discussed openly, a culture of fear will preside. It’s one thing to ostracize someone because they are deliberately trying to deceive or harm others, it’s another to do it because you are afraid of having your ideas and beliefs challenged. It’s the fearful who tend to reject the brave, not the other way around.

Any idea outside of current norms is likely to be considered strange, even unsafe. But the definitions of normal and strange tend to change over time. Strange often becomes the new normal and normal the new strange. Your ideas may be considered strange right now, but one day they may be the new normal.

You didn’t come into this world to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing. You have an opportunity to be different, to show those around you and the world a different way. You brought with you a divine spark, don’t let the world extinguish it. Be who you were created to be, live the life you have been called to live and return Home knowing that your mission is complete.