How To Start Something New

You can spend a lot of time sitting around thinking about what you’d like to do, or you can just start doing it. Every minute you spend thinking about it is another minute you are not doing it. 

If you keep saying that you’ll do it someday, but you haven’t even taken the first step, then you probably never will. And the more you talk about it, the more likely it is that you won’t do it.

Even if you only make one small step today, this is far more valuable than spending another day thinking about it and talking about it. Little steps add up to a lot over time. Take the little steps.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, and don’t give up. Take breaks when you need to, retrace your steps when you need to, but don’t be too long in postponing your next step forward.

That’s how you begin something new, by beginning. Even if you aren’t able to do it as well as you’d like to. Don’t worry about, you’ll get better with experience.

Don’t over-think it. Just get to work and do your thinking along the way. You’ll learn more from experience than you will trying to imagine something you’ve probably never done before.

Don’t say you’ll start next month or next Monday. Stop reading this and start right now. Even if starting is something as simple as reading the first page of a book.