Living By Faith

We came into the world with nothing and we are going to leave with nothing. Everything we have or experience along the way is a gift to be appreciated, shared, and lost when it’s time for it to be lost.

If God wants us to have something or to keep something, it will happen. If God wants us to do something to ensure that it happens, we’ll be shown the way and given the means. There’s nothing to figure out on our own.

Thomas Merton said it this way:

When he (man) tries to be his own god and insists on keeping his hands on everything, remembering everything and controlling everything, he drives himself to ruin. For when man thinks himself powerful, then at every moment he is in desperate need; he is in need of knowledge, strength, control, and he depends on countless instruments. But when man remembers the unfailing power of God and realizes that because he is the son of God, this power already belongs to him, then he does not have to think anymore about the things he needs. For what he needs will be given him when he needs it, and in this sense, God will think and act for him.

Stop trying to figure it out — whatever it is that you are struggling with. Let it go and keep letting it go. Let the answers come to you when the time is right. The key to dealing with our struggles is to stop struggling.

Letting go doesn’t mean quitting. It means letting go of the wrong method for solving our problems and remaining open to the path that presents itself.

Take it one step at a time. Things you never even thought of will come your way. Doors will open that were once shut or that you didn’t even know existed.