5 Big Things I’ve Learned

  1. Those who appear most confident are often the most insecure and are putting up a front in order to hide/protect themselves. They may not even be fully aware they are doing it. And sometimes it’s a conscious act in order to get what they want — a girl, a job, money, etc. But it’s all rooted in insecurity. It’s about taking care of ourselves, because we are all vulnerable, hence we are all insecure to some extent. Psychopaths I’m not sure about. 
  2. Things are often not as bad as they seem. Emotion often grips our judgement and causes us to jump to premature conclusions and to do foolish things. 
  3. What sounds true can turn out to be completely false. You have to do your own research and think for yourself. Be critical, not in a negative way, but in a truth seeking way. 
  4. There is a struggle within ourselves between what we are and what we think we ought to be. This is an ongoing problem, but can be soothed by learning to let go and also by recognizing that although we are not perfect, our deepest desire is to do the right thing, therefore we are good. 
  5. There is luck (God’s grace) and there is hard-work (dedication and determination). But there are no short-cuts. What looks like a short-cut to success is actually a dead-end and may even result in a major setback. An example of this would be investing vs gambling.