The Things That Drive Us

Fear and greed can lead us to do things that are desperate and out of character. When unchecked, they can seduce you into thinking you or your circumstances are worse or better than you/they really are. Fear and greed can distort our perception of reality and cause us to do things that are antithetical to the very things we should be doing.

We cannot live without fear or greed entirely, we need a little of each, but we cannot afford to get caught too far out onto the edges of either one. Fear is present when protecting your child and greed is present when you accept something from another person (these are simplified examples of acceptable fear and greed).

So much of what we do is motivated by our desire for security. Another primary motive is meaning. They are equally important, because we are willing to sacrifice security for meaning and meaning for security, depending on our circumstances (though we would prefer to satisfy both). Everything we do is meant to satisfy one or both of these goals.

And hope is what keeps us alive. Without it no one would care to live another day and would end their life immediately. Fear of death may also prevent people from ending their life, but this still involves hope, because we are hoping that being alive for another day, even another second, will at least be better than experiencing death.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that we can only control what we can control. You can only do what you are meant to do. It does no good to allow ourselves to get caught up in stressing about things that we can’t influence in the slightest way. Better to focus more on the things we can influence and take the blessings that life gives us.