Finding Inner Peace

Our truest self — the part of us that is peace, love, and wisdom, is often not the self that we present to others. It’s not even the self we usually identify with. The self we normally identify with is the ego self — the chatter box in our mind that doesn’t want to shut up and has an opinion about everything. The true self is found when the chatter box shuts up. 

Turn off the voice in your mind that causes you anxiety — the voice that you use for having conversations with yourself. Turn off the volume and listen for the voice that does not speak in words — the one found in silence. This is the real you. The you that possesses wisdom. The you that is humble, yet strong, and knows the meaning of peace. 

Is there anything more desirable than inner peace? Is there anything more important? Nothing else matters without it. Nothing can take its place. Taming the battle within is the highest objective. It’s where we are most weak and where we are potentially most strong.