On Controlling Our Emotions

Emotions tend to cause irrational decisions. Don’t allow your emotions to control you. Use your emotions as motivation to find a rational solution to your problem.

Regulate your emotions with rationality. In other words, dispatch your rational-self to talk some sense into your emotional-self.  The emotional-self tends to focus on the short-term and the rational-self tends to focus on the long-term. Be a long-term thinker.

Our calm decisions are usually the right ones and our emotional decisions are usually the wrong ones. (Every thought is connected to emotion in some way, but I’m mainly referring to the obvious ones — when emotion clouds our judgment.)

You have a counselor within you. Don’t ignore it in favor of things which appeal to your emotions. It’s not about blunting our emotions and becoming like a robot, it’s just about not allowing our emotions to be in complete control.