Letting It Go Now

So much of what bothers us now, one day won’t matter. The ability to let things go now and live in the moment can save us years of stress. Our worries are mostly lies anyway. Holding onto them does not keep bad things from happening. And sometimes holding onto them causes us to take actions which make things worse than if we had just let them go.

How much time are you really  willing to devote to your worries? And do you really believe that thinking about them will make them go away?  Will it improve the quality of your life? Can you let go and be thankful instead?

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But not all at once, and not all within your life time. Some things will go wrong that we can’t do anything about, but it’s also true that many things will go right. Even things we did not orchestrate. 

Some of them have already happened, including the fact that we are alive in the first place. Or the fact that we can read these words right now. There was a time when the written word did not exist and there was a time after it did exit that few people could read it. You are one of the lucky few in human history who can. And you did not come out of your mother’s womb planning to read. Other people who lived before you had already setup an education system for you to learn it. It was not your doing. Just like so many other things.

Learn to let go, not so you can do less, but so you can be more. We are not fully ourselves if we do not know how to let go. Don’t put yourself on a treadmill, learn to sit quietly. Deal with what is now, let later be later.