We think we know more about the future and about our future selves than we really do. We think our future self will approve of all of today’s decisions, even though our present self can’t believe some of the decisions we’ve made in the past. 

When there are a lot of choices available it’s natural to think that it’s necessary to choose one of them. But sometimes the best choice is none of the ones we’ve thought of. Sometimes the best choice is to wait. That in itself is a choice, but at least it’s not one based on imaginary outcomes. 

It’s nice to have choices, but sometimes too many choices can increase our odds of doing the wrong thing. If you could have your dream house or your ideal spouse you would probably unknowingly choose some qualities that are not right for you. There is a lot of value in acceptance. 

The more decisions we make, the more often we have to be right. We underestimate how often we are wrong. And the more complicated the decision, the more likely it is that we’ll be wrong. Make fewer decisions, take fewer actions, and keep your plans simple. Also, stick to your strengths.