Where To Find Happiness

A lot of our unhappiness comes from the feeling of not belonging. But even when we are accepted, we don’t necessarily belong. True happiness has to come from outside of the desire to belong.

There is happiness in silence and solitude. There is happiness in being thankful for what you have. There is happiness in relationship with God. This is not always easy to see. And for those who are not used to it, it is not easy to understand.

Most of our happiness comes from within. This is particularly true after our material needs have been met. If you have everything you need but you are still unhappy, the unhappiness is likely from a lack of appreciation for what you have and of what is available to you.

This lack of appreciation comes mainly from a lack of recognition. Most of the time we do not recognize how fortune we are, because we are so used to having everything we need.

Learn to appreciate what you have. Learn to live with less and still be happy. And follow your heart. Not your emotions, but what you know in your heart of hearts is the right thing for you.