Loss And Faith

Loss is part of our inheritance. We inherit life, but we also inherit death. We inherit good health, but we also inherit poor health. Throughout our short life we gain and lose many things.

Loss makes us realize what we have. Even the thought of loss can make us realize what we have. Most of us have more than we realize. The one thing, the only thing, that everyone can have regardless of their circumstances, is a connection with God through faith. It’s the one thing that we can have no matter what and that cannot be taken from us.

God’s plans are a mystery. All we can do is seek his guidance from moment to moment. Part of faith is not knowing and not understanding. Faith is mainly letting go and accepting that we will be lead in the right direction.

There is very little that we actually control. Most of what goes on in our body, even in our brain, happens without our conscious knowledge or control. Almost everything happening in the universe is out of our control. Most of life is acceptance. Trying to hold on , we lose. Letting go, we gain. Nothing is really ours to hold on to. 

If we cannot contemplate the fact that this world is not material, everything that happens to us will seem like a big deal. We have to understand that this world is a sort of illusion. What we are experiencing now is not all there is. We are not nothing and we are not mere atoms. We are part of, and an expression of, a greater truth.