A Dimly Lit Path

When we gain a little bit of knowledge or a little bit of success we start thinking we are in control of our life. But in reality, we have very little to do with the knowledge and success we gain. The world and it’s opportunities were here long before we were. And we had nothing to do with our own birth, our genetic predispositions, or the country or era we were born into. We can’t even be certain that all of the decisions we make are entirely our own. 

The best things in my life have fallen into my lap. I wanted them, and I had to do something to get some of them, but I didn’t draw up any plans. There was no road map. Whenever I try to orchestrate things on my own it usually ends in disappointment.

There is a flow to life that we have to go with. It’s about cooperating with God’s path, rather than a path designed on our own. It’s a kind of partnership. I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is let go and trust that what I need will be provided to me. As I do that, a path emerges, a little bit at a time. And the things I need to do (my part) become evident along the way. This life is a walk on a dimly lit path.