Human beings are social. We require contact with one another. But we are also contemplative. We need time to ourselves to sit and think and reflect.

Human beings are contemplative, but we often live as though we are not. Contemplation requires some measure of discipline and focus, but most of the time we are distracted by other things. 

One of the down-sides to the society we have created is that it requires us to be in almost perpetual contact with one another, and this leaves us very little room to focus on our inner life.  We’ve created a world that provides all of our material needs, but is seriously lacking in providing for our spiritual needs. 

Sit and be quiet. Turn off the chatter in your mind. Listen to the sounds around you. All the better if you can do it close to nature. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. Have you found a source of peace within you? A source of love? These are the things that matter.