Educate Yourself

Just because you hated school and didn’t do well, does not mean your ability or opportunity to learn is handicapped. According to studies in neuroscience, school (as we know it) is actually one of the worst environments for learning.

Learning is easiest and most enjoyable when you pursue your own interests. You can teach yourself. You just have to follow your intrigues. Especially your big questions:

Why are we here?

What is love?

How do I find inner peace?

Who is God?

How should I treat others?

When you look for answers to these types of questions, you tend to find some of them. And you enjoy the process — learning becomes a passion — books and lectures become interesting. 

And as you continue to educate yourself in this way, you open up unexpected opportunities. Education creates opportunities, even if it’s the type of education that doesn’t come with a diploma or a degree.