Sometimes It’s Right To Be A Heretic

Establishments view anyone who disagrees with them as a heretic. Establishments fear change. Heretics are messengers of change. Someone has to be. Because establishments don’t change on their own. It takes a heretic to change them.

Not all outsiders are correct though. Some of them actually are heretics. But establishments can’t tell the difference — they view all outsiders as heretics. If you are not considered a heretic, you are probably part of an establishment. If you are not an outsider, you are an insider. 

If you are an outsider, count yourself lucky, because you are on the side of truth. But only if you truly are one of the ones on the side of truth. Being on the side of truth requires objective thinking. You need to be impartial and consider the facts. And you must not be too emotional, nor have an us vs them mentality.

If you are on the side of truth, you are not against people, you are for all people, because the truth is for all people. If you know the truth, you already know this and these words are only a reminder. 

P.S. – Establishment, in this context, means any idea or set of ideas (institutional or non-institutional) that are outdated and the proponents of those ideas refuse to change.