Making The Commitment To Succeed

When we are not good enough or when we are not willing to do the work, we find all sorts of excuses for why we haven’t succeeded. The most common excuse is that it’s someone else’s fault — someone else is holding us back, someone else is sabotaging our chances of success, someone else didn’t do the work for us.

Sometimes, some of these things are true, but often they are not. Sometimes other people erect obstacles to make it difficult for us (sometimes they don’t realize it’s an obstacle — they might think they are helping). And sometimes we erect our own obstacles, because we are a) afraid, or b) lazy:

a) Afraid of failure. Afraid of success. Afraid of what others will think.

b) Too lazy to do the work or to persevere when things get tough. 

Sometimes the obstacles are not man-made. Sometimes nature doesn’t permit it. We are capable of more than we realize, but we cannot do anything we set our mind to. There are limitations. 

Sometimes we invent limitations and sometimes we are blind to the limitations that are really there. The bottom line is, don’t make excuses when there are none and don’t lie to yourself about who you are and what you are capable of.

The things we “commit” to will test our commitment. We may start out with lots of zeal, but eventually it wears off. It’s better to commit to only a few things than to commit to too many. If we want to do a good job, at anything, we have to focus. Focus = caring. That’s true commitment.