On Rational Thinking, EQ, and Leaders

Sometimes our fate is in the hands of others. And unfortunately those people don’t always make rational decisions. There are various reasons why we might be included or excluded from something, but whether or not we’re talented enough is not always important to decision makers.

And sometimes it is. Sometimes that’s the only thing taken into consideration. Which means sometimes talented people with little to no integrity get opportunities that should go to the right person, rather than the “best” person. 

People are not always rational. This is why those who are the most rational belong in leadership positions. But being rational also includes emotional intelligence (self-awareness, empathy, and compassion). This is often missing from the equation.

What we call “rational thinking” is often an oxymoron — it’s so rational that it’s actually irrational. 

In other words, a leader needs to have a head and a heart.