A Few Credos To Live By

Everything is meant to bring us closer to God. Some people say that everything happens for a reason. But no one ever seems to know what the reason is. I think the purpose for everything, good or bad, is to draw us closer to God.

God isn’t necessarily orchestrating it all, as there are certain laws that govern this life. Cause and effect is real. And we do have free will, to a certain degree (It’s not absolute. Advances in neuroscience have shown that if you alter parts of a person’s brain it can change their personality and behavior).

But I think God has made the rules of this life in a way that necessitates humility. The fragility of our bodies, our short life span, our reliance on one another, the harshness of mother nature, all conspire to make us humble and rely on God. Even if we hold out until the end, death will take us down, no matter how strong or wealthy we are. 

If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t go. I mainly apply this to writing, but it applies to just about everything in life. My best writing happens when I just let the words flow, with no premeditation or inner dialogue. The pencil seems to have a life of its own.

The same goes for other decisions in life. If you’re stressed about getting a mortgage, don’t get one. Let inner peace guide you. If you’re meant to own a house, it will happen in its own time.

It’s about dropping all of our detailed plans, being present in the moment, and doing what gives us the most peace.  

Quality over quantity, in almost everything. How we spend our time is more important than how much time we have. The number of books we read is not as important as what books we read, and how present we are when we read them.

The number of partners you have is not as important as what partner you have. And a monogamous relationship will bring you closer to someone than a non-monogamous one will.

The number of companies you invest in is not as important as what companies you invest in. Investing in too many will reduce your returns, because you won’t have time to know them all well enough to make a superior decision about them.

The number of reps you do in the gym is not as important as how focused you are on getting the most out of each one. The list goes on . . .