The Chase

Life can’t always be about getting somewhere. At some point it has to be about now. At some point now has to be okay. Otherwise it never will be — we’ll just keep chasing a fantasy — an ideal version of life — an imaginary place in the future where everything is the way we want it to be.

The truth is that as we get older we’re going to lose more and more of the things that are truly important: health, family members, time, etc. At some point we have to decide that now is okay. Who knows how many more we are going to have?

We’re all trying to get somewhere. To a place where all of our needs and desires are met. We all just want to be okay — to have meaning, to be valued, to be at peace, to be happy, and to have fun. This is what we all chase. But most of the time we don’t have any of that because we chase.

The chase clouds the moment. The chase blinds us to what we already have, and to the availability of peace in the here and now. The chase is a way of running from ourselves.

We can’t have everything we want, but we can have peace. Not just on the weekends, or when we retire, but right now. Not at the bottom of a bottle, or through a pay check, but within you. It’s available to all of us, right now.