Your Life Matters

Your time is limited. Use it wisely. Don’t take your message, or your love, to the grave with you. Spread your message to those who want to hear it. And love the people God has put in your life to love.

Everyone’s life tells a story, and everyone matters. Everything is meant to bring us closer to God. Love, humility, inspiration, are all pathways to God. They even show up in tragedy.

Life is fragile for a reason. It’s supposed to make us thoughtful – mindful of how precious and fleeting life is, and to reach out to God for meaning and purpose.

A story is being told, and we’re all part of it. We don’t fully know what our part is, or where this is all leading, but we are capable of having some sense of it. And that’s all we really need. We just need to know that life matters, and that we matter, and that what we’ve experienced so far is not the whole story.