The Purpose Of Suffering

God allows suffering to occur so that we’ll draw closer to him. On the surface, that sounds selfish. But I think the message is that we’re capable of transcending suffering. That suffering is a window into a different world. That suffering is minor compared to the ultimate reality. That this life is nothing compared to eternity.

We basically live in a dream world. We don’t see all there is to see and we make our judgments based on a narrow view of life. We judge ourselves and each other based on superficial standards because we often operate as though we are experiencing reality in full. Most of the time we’re not able to peek behind the veil to see that this is all really an illusion, a metaphor, a learning experience, a gradual awakening.

Suffering also fosters compassion. Compassion is an expression of love, and ultimately this life is about love. No answer to the question of suffering is totally satisfactory. Suffering reveals part of the mystery of life, but also keeps part of it hidden. Part of our journey, part of what we’re here in this state of consciousness to learn, is to learn to let go and trust God. That includes letting go of the need to have a complete answer for everything.