What You Are Meant To Do May Seem Risky . . . Do It Anyway

It’s easier to accept the consequences of an action if you have thought it through and you are willing to accept the outcome. Good or bad. It’s okay to accept the reality that you might fail. Especially if it seems clear that your odds of success are low.

Faith is not about pretending that your odds are good even when they’re not. Accept that your odds aren’t good and do it anyway, as long as it’s important enough to do.

Faith is not about certainty. Faith is in the willingness to accept the outcome. Trusting that you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Your risk assessment might be wrong also. Your likelihood of success might be better than you think. Especially if you feel called to do what you’re about to do. It may be that you are more likely to succeed than someone else doing the same activity.

Even if you don’t succeed there may be an important lesson that can only be learned by you taking that particular journey. It may also be that the lessons are for others who will come after you, who will build on the foundation you laid.

Do something that is worth doing for the sake of doing it. Don’t just focus on money. We need money, but we also need purpose. And money without purpose is pointless. Your life is part of a much bigger story. Take the role you are meant to play.