Building A Life On The Foundation Of Faith

Don’t live by to-do lists, goal programs, and life hacks. These things will make you feel busy, and productive, and important, but they are distractions. Live by faith. Live by letting go of your monkey mind and your inner taskmaster.
Living by faith doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means focusing on the most important thing first. It’s about being in the moment, taking it one step at a time, allowing things to fall into place. And taking action when you feel lead to.
Living by faith involves less action, less thinking, and less self-induced stress. It involves more going with the flow. More trusting that things will work out, and that you’ll know the right thing to do at the right time. It’s about acceptance of the fact that not everything is supposed to go your way.
In a way, it’s counter-intuitive. Because we have been trained by our culture to be as busy as possible. And to work as hard as possible. And to fight for everything. If you have a parent who is not easy to impress, it’s worse.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to take things into my own hands and failed. And how many times I’ve succeeded by letting things go.
Trust that God will give you wisdom in the moment. Rather than having everything planned out and trying to force things to come to fruition.
It works. Whether it makes sense or not, it works.