The Doctrine Of The Heart

Many Christians like to talk about Jesus, but they don’t want to be Jesus. As Gandhi once said “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Gandhi himself was more like Jesus than most Christians I’ve met. Gandhi even carried quotes by Jesus with him and read them everyday, and tried to live them everyday. Christians can learn a lot from the example of Gandhi.

Christians tend to be too wrapped up in doctrine. To the point of worshiping doctrine, rather than God. And it’s usually doctrine based on observance of rules, rather than love.

Christianity was not founded by Jesus Christ. People founded Christianity based on Jesus and the bible. Jesus himself created no religious institutions and gave no name to his teachings. And what we know about him is only partial. The bible we read is not in its original form. It was written after many years of oral tradition, and contains many forgeries.

If we’re going to follow a doctrine, let’s follow the doctrine of the heart. Isn’t that what Jesus really taught?