How To Stay Balanced

Finding balance in life is not about perfection. Or making sure everything receives equal attention. It’s about avoiding extremes. Trying to strike a perfect balance in life is itself extreme. It can’t be done. We’ll either convince ourselves we’ve done it and not realize we’ve missed something. Or we’ll realize how difficult it is and drive ourselves crazy trying to make it happen.

Chasing perfection is likely to cause us to be even less perfect. Pushing us further away from our ideal self. It’s an unobtainable goal. But what is obtainable is peace. Peace will get you closer to perfection than years of personal development ever will.

We don’t have to have life all figured out, we just have to be at peace. And having all the answers to life is not a prerequisite for peace. The pieces of life’s puzzle tend to come together over time. The sooner we let go, the sooner we free ourselves up for the right answers to come.

Peace is about letting go. It’s also about environment. Don’t spend time with people who take away your peace, whether they mean to or not. Some people are too caught-up in drama. You don’t need to get caught-up in other people’s drama. You don’t need to think about what they think about or worry about what they worry about.

Slow down the pace of your life. Find moments of silence and solitude. Remember what brings you peace. Unplug yourself from the world more often.

Everyone needs times of silence and solitude. We need it to put life into perspective. We need it to connect with our true self. We need it to connect with God. We need it to untangle the webs we create in our mind. We need it to cleans ourselves from negative influences. We need it to stay balance.