No, You Are Not Evil For Having Those Thoughts

We all have thoughts that could be considered “evil”. But what’s more important is our actions.

An example: If you have sexual thoughts about someone who’s not your spouse, it doesn’t mean you’re evil. It’s probably just biology. The most important thing is that you choose not to act on those urges. Betraying someone you’ve made a commitment to is the wrong thing to do.

Another one: If you have thoughts about harming someone, you’re not evil. But acting on those thoughts is not the right thing to do. You probably see that person as a threat to yourself or to someone else you care about. There are times when it’s justifiable to use force against someone to protect ourselves or others. But often we misjudge the situation and have to talk some sense into ourselves before we do the wrong thing.

It’s possible that some of these thoughts originate from an evil influence, such as a “devil”. But I think it’s more about human weakness and biology than anything else. We may not be evil, but we’re certainly weak.

We need to find our strength in a higher power. This makes it easier for us to turn our attention away from such thoughts and make better judgments on how to act. To not live in survival mode and procreation mode.

If you treat such thoughts as evil, you’ll want to fight against them head on. That doesn’t work, because you’ll be giving those thoughts more attention. And you’ll become frustrated with yourself about your inability to defeat them. Or you’ll become angry with God and wonder why he won’t take them away.

What we need to do is stop fighting with ourselves, and choose to do the right thing, in-spite of such thoughts. Choose love.