If You Really Want To Work, Stop Working

Sometimes you can find inspirational quotes in unlikely places. Like this one from the acknowledgments section of Pure Drivel by Steve Martin:

“At the time of this writing, I have not worked in a movie for three years. During these years, in which I vowed to do nothing and leave myself alone about it, I accidentally produced several plays, a handful of sketches, two screenplays, and a reorganization of my entire self. The pieces in this book, these essays — I’m not sure what to call them — are little candy kisses, after dinner mints to the big meal of literature, but to me they represent something very special. They are the offspring of an intense retrospection that enabled me to get back in contact with my work, to receive pleasure from my work, and to bring joy to my work. They also enabled me to repeat the phrase “my work” three times in one sentence, which brought me a lot of joy, pleasure, and contact. I suppose what I’m saying is, if you really want to work, stop working.”