The Bible Is Not God’s Word, But It Contains Valuable Insights

It took awhile, but I finally realized that the bible is not God’s word. It contains valuable insights, but it’s not the only way we can learn about and connect with God.

It’s only a guide, and not always a very good one. You have to be careful not to take everything in it literally. Some of it’s not true, and much of it is metaphorical.

It was, after-all, written by human beings. Human beings we’ve never met, and who’s words were passed on by scribes for thousands of years before the printing press was invented. Nor do we have any original manuscripts. And we know, through biblical scholarship, that some of the books in the bible are forgeries.

The people who wrote the various books of the bible were writing what they believed about God. And in some cases, what they wanted others to believe about God. The bible is not a place to go for objective truth, but you’ll find some profound statements and stories in it. This makes it worth studying.