Let Inner Peace Guide Your Decisions

If you have a choice, choose what gives you less anxiety.

This doesn’t mean there will never be fear or that anxiety will be totally absent. But if the alternative choice makes you feel worse, then the decision should be obvious.

Generally, we should have peace about our decisions. Let inner peace guide you, rather than emotion or ambition.

Ambition is a tricky thing. It can disguise itself as a calling, making you feel like you’re on an important mission. If you’re not careful, this can lead to taking foolish risks. Wise decisions are made by letting go of ambition and surrendering to prudence and inner peace.

For example, you may feel like your calling is to be wealthy so you can be a philanthropist. But that doesn’t mean you should latch on to the first exciting investment opportunity you find. The means for accomplishing your goal may still be hidden.

You’ll have to take it one step at a time and trust that God will lead you. You shouldn’t make finite assumptions and take huge risks. Nor should you try to knock over every wall in your way. Some of them are there to prevent you from taking the wrong path.