What Bruce Lee’s Words Can Teach Us About Religion

“Absorb what is useful and discard what is useless.” ~ Bruce Lee

Lee said this in reference to martial arts, as martial arts in his day were separated quite rigidly by styles. This was before the days of “mixed martial arts”.

He was a pioneer in taking what worked from various martial art styles and adding them to his own skill set. He took what was effective and discarded what wasn’t.

This principle applies to virtually everything in life. Including religion.

Religions tend to be separated according to very specific and inflexible doctrines, and followers tend to discard all other doctrines as false. But in reality there’s a little truth and a little error in all religions. What if we were to just take what is useful and discard the rest?

BTW: Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts is full of great aphorisms like the one above.