God Probably Exists

Concluding that nothing is true until it’s proven true, is a silly way to think. It’s better to think in terms of probability, ie: This is probably true. That is probably not true. 

Atheists will say there’s no God because there’s “no evidence”. But there is evidence. The problem is they ignore it. They’ll come up with nonsensical arguments such as, “believing in God is like believing in the Easter Bunny.” As though the probability of God existing is the same as the probability of the Easter Bunny existing.

I know of many people who call themselves atheists, but none who call themselves non-Easter Bunny believers. If believing in God is the same as believing in the Easter Bunny, then it would be ridiculous to label yourself as a non-God believer. It would be a non-issue. Something not even worth talking about.

It’s not logical to conclude that there’s no possible way God exists. But it is logical to believe that God probably does exist.