Why We Do What We Do

We don’t like to think we’ve made an inferior choice. We like to believe we’re smarter than most people. It makes us feel important. It’s not just about feeling accepted and valued though. It’s about wanting to be dominant, which I think has something to do with survival.

It’s a strange mixture of wanting to ensure survival and wanting to be loved. Ultimately, we want to be loved. This is even more important to us than survival. We struggle to maintain a balance between our drive to survive and our need to be loved.

The answer to this problem seems to be our own love for others. When we forget about self and put the needs of others before our own, the drive to survive and the need to be loved, fade away.

It doesn’t fade away forever though. It comes back eventually. Which is why love is a choice. A choice that we have to keep making. It’s the hardest thing in the world to do, and the most important. Love happens by giving it away.