Two Heads Are Not Always Better Than One

“You are neither right nor wrong because people agree or disagree with you.” ~ Benjamin Graham

You may be smart, but other people are smart in a different way than you. They have a different tool box than you. You have gaps in your knowledge that they don’t have, and vice-versa. That is obviously the meaning of “two heads are better than one”.

But it’s also true that two heads are not always better than one. Sometimes even many heads working together aren’t smarter than one. It depends on the individuals involved and on the subject.

A bunch of people in a room together brainstorming ideas can actually be worse than one person sitting quietly in a room alone. And at the end of the day that’s what you’re left with. You sitting alone with your thoughts.

You will have to decide what’s best. Even the choice to blindly follow someone else is still your choice. You’re the one to make that decision.

None of us are smarter than all of us. We need to learn from each other. But we also need the wisdom and the courage to make rational decisions on our own, regardless of what anyone else thinks.