Choosing Goodness

What you believe becomes true to you, even if the substance of that belief isn’t objectively true.

It can go in one of two directions: toward violence, dishonesty, destruction, etc. Or toward peace, respect, service to others, etc.

It’s clear that one outcome is good and one is bad. And we’re capable of going either way, depending on what we believe.

Which one is more fulfilling? Which one are we more likely to regret? It should be clear to any reasonable person that goodness is objectively better than badness. The choices aren’t equal.

The fact that goodness is the way, tells us that God is good and that our true nature is good. When we’re bad, it’s a false self being manifest. The false self is who we are when we become disconnected with our true self.

In losing sight of our goodness, and the goodness of others, we become prone to doing evil. It’s in our collective best interest to help each other see that each of us are inherently good.