A Different Way To Treat People

Our tendency is to compete with people or to impress them with how much we know. Rarely is it to simply love them with the love of God.

Our motive for competition and for impressing people come from our own desire to be loved. We forget that it’s by loving others that we receive love from them. We also forget that we’re already loved by God.

Loving others, especially strangers, and especially people who aren’t nice to us, is hard. That’s why we often choose not to do it. In the short run loving your “enemies” is the hard way, but in the long run it’s the easier way.

It takes mindfulness. It means consistently living in awareness that we’re loved by God and that everyone we meet is also equally loved by God. That way of thinking needs to be the foundation we build our life on. And the thread that runs through everything we do.

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