The Primacy of Love

We’re not here to merely “have fun” or “maximize our potential” or “make life what we want it to be”. The purpose of life is certainly deeper than such superficial and self-centered pursuits.

The fact that you care about yourself suggests that you’re worth caring about. And if you’re worth caring about, even with all your flaws, then so are other people. Love is the thing we desire most. The purpose of life has something to do with the mystery of love.

Those who reject that way of thinking tend to become nihilistic. Nihilism creates a self-fulfilling prophesy. It helps create reasons not to see meaning. It creates reasons to reject the primacy of love.

Once you reject the idea that the meaning of life has something to do with love, it becomes open season for life to be about whatever you want it to be about. Even the most selfish and perverse things.