The Most Important Lesson

We often hear about how poor of a job the education system is doing. Especially in the western world. We hear about how much better the eastern countries in Asia are educating their young people. Especially in math and science.

But what is the one thing you would want your children to know? If you could teach them only one thing and you had a limited time to do it, what would it be? I doubt it would be math or science, as important as those subjects are. It would likely be a more human quality. You’d likely want them, above all, to be compassionate.

Everything is worthless without that foundation. Build the foundation first.

We’re doing that for the most part. But we continue to see massive amounts of greed and self-centeredness. We see it in politics, in business, in the criminal underground, and even in our everyday life with co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc.

It’s part of the human condition. And it’s the most important thing to learn to overcome. The other subjects have their place, but lets not forget the most import thing: love.

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