Prayer and Mindfulness

Both prayer and mindfulness are forms of surrender. Trust is present in them. Without trust, we wouldn’t be willing to surrender.

Surrender, in the form of prayer, is an expression of trust in God. We trust that God hears us and is willing to stand with us.

Surrender, in the form of mindfulness, is a type of contemplative prayer, where we trust that something beyond our ego (our active mind) will guide us.

Both prayer and mindfulness are spiritual activities. They’re both ways of placing our trust in something spiritual. It’s through that state of surrender that we’re able to connect with our true self and with the awareness of God. Where we find that there’s no actual separation between our spiritual self and the spirit of God. Only the illusion of separation. That God is in all and is all.

That realization is where fear gets pushed out. Where it loses its power. Where death losses its “sting.” Fear is related to death, because without death there would be no fear. Death in terms of bodily expiration, and death in terms of insignificance.

Imagine that death didn’t exist. That you could live forever in your current form. Would you still have fear? You would no longer fear bodily death, but you might still fear a life of insignificance — of not mattering, of not being loved. Both of those fears, of bodily death and of insignificance are defeated by trust in a higher power.

We make that connection through prayer and mindfulness.