The Path Of Least Resistance

Following the path of least resistance and going with the flow are metaphors I use when it comes to writing (and in life). I don’t force it. I just let the words find their way onto the page.

But I still need discipline to sit down and write. Most of what I write gets written after I’m willing to remove distractions and sit with my silence for awhile. That requires some discipline. It requires me to overcome some “resistance”. The least resistant thing to do might be to just watch T.V. or go to sleep.

In other words, the path of least resistance doesn’t equate to being undisciplined. It also doesn’t mean taking the easy way out when it comes to dealing with problems that need to be solved.

It’s not about being lazy or unfocused. It’s about finding the most fruitful moments and opportunities. It requires us to overcome some resistance to find them, but when we find them things just work better.

Otherwise we get distracted by the influences of other people. And we lose ourselves in our ambitions and insecurities. We forget to let go and trust. We either try to control everything, or we let go to the point that we stop caring. Neither of those extremes are helpful.

Letting go to the point of not caring is actually similar to trying to control everything, because neither option includes trust. Trust is what opens the door. Trust is what helps us see the right path.

Let go and trust, then the way will become more clear. That’s where you’ll find your path of least resistance, and you’ll no longer get in your own way. Other people will still get in your way sometimes, but the worst is when we get in our own way.

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