Living in society typically causes us to wear masks. To hide who we really are. Because society is largely about fitting in. In most societies, it’s acceptable to be a little different, but the leash is short. If you go too far, which in some cases isn’t actually that far, you could be punished.

It’s not sensible to go around doing or saying whatever we want. We do need to be mindful of how our actions affect other people. But it’s also true that to function in society we tend to hide an important part of ourselves.

Who we are in public isn’t who we are in private. Actually, who we are when we’re around other people is different from who we are when we’re alone. Because public isn’t limited to the people we interact with on the street. It includes our interactions with family members in our own home.

Not only do we tend to suppress the deep-seated desire to express our true selves when we’re around other people, we also shy away from getting in touch with that part of ourselves when we’re alone.

In fact, we’re rarely alone. Seeking entertainment is one of the ways we avoid being alone. The desire to be constantly entertained is similar to addiction to drugs, sex, food, and other such crutches. It’s not inherently bad, but excessive dependence on it can lead to negative outcomes.

First and foremost, our “crutch” should be our trust in God. Prayer should be our refuge, rather than the myriad excesses that the world offers. This sounds very “preachy”. And it is. Because it’s true. We need to be reminded of these things. We need to be reminded that when everything is stripped away, there’s one constant that remains: the spirit.