The News Media and You

Your mind isn’t meant for trash. What have you been feeding it?

If you give a lot of your attention to the news media, you’ll enter a world of drama, gossip, hypocrisy, and manipulation. The news media’s primary purpose isn’t to provide you with the most relevant and objectively reported news. It’s there mainly to serve its own interests ie; investors, advertisers, employees, and political affiliates. It keeps you hooked by entertaining you.

The stories that grip our attention via the news media aren’t necessarily the most important events. They’re reported because they’ll get our attention. The primary goal isn’t to inform you of the most important matters of the day. It’s to get your attention so that something can be sold to you — either a product via an advertisement or a political viewpoint.

There’s a lot of news you don’t need to know. Most of it, actually. Be selective.