The Void Of Nihilism

Nihilists have no right to be offended by anything. Because if nihilism is true, even basic human rights and human decency are mere constructs of the mind. And the mind itself was formed by random, meaningless events.

A nihilist who insists on being treated fairly or who gets upset because of injustice is a contradiction to nihilism itself. But then again what choice does the nihilist have? Since he doesn’t have freewill, how can he change his mind? If injustice causes his mind to become upset, how can he help it when it’s merely nature taking its course?

But what if the random, meaningless events of nature gave him the ability to learn and to reason? Then he does have the ability to willfully change. At least as far as nature allows. If nihilism is correct, none of it matters anyway though. And if none of it matters, why insist on your own rights? Why bother with anything?

The answer is that in this life there is joy and there is suffering. Peace and turmoil. Anyone who continues to live, is stating that his or her life is worth living. That the joy outweighs the suffering. When a person kills themselves they’re effectively saying that the suffering outweighs the joy. That their life has become unbearable.

As far as we know, animals don’t do that. They suffer, sometimes greatly, but they don’t kill themselves. It seems that only humans have a need for joy to outweigh suffering. We also have a need to find meaning in our suffering and believe that it’s worth it. If you’re reading this you haven’t lost hope.

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