Aimless Living

There is some merit to the notion that we need to have goals in life otherwise we’re just wondering aimlessly. But it’s also a bit silly, because everyone has goals—things we’re trying to accomplish in our life. Nobody is actually wondering aimlessly.

It’s true that some people are more focused and determined than others. And making a list of specific goals can be useful. But not if you’re going to obsess over it. Not if it’s going to feel like a burden. And not if we’re adding things to the list just because we think we need to or because we merely want what other people want.

It’s in moments of mindfulness when we see most clearly what we want and what we should be doing. Lists are lifeless without mindfulness. Words on a page don’t mean anything unless they come from a place of depth and relative insight. Instead of making lists, seek out more moments of mindfulness.