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Living With Confidence: From Fear To Love 

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Where does confidence come from? Is it produced by physical attributes? Positive thinking? Or is it about something else? What if it’s not about self-sufficiency at all? Living With Confidence is a discussion about our struggles with false perceptions of reality, and how to live with real confidence. It’s a fresh look at the grace of God. Perhaps a deeper revelation of it for some. And a compelling invitation to participate in something new.

What Does Silence Sound Like?

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This little 13-page e-book is a reminder that if we want to find ourselves, we need to invite silence into our life.

There Once Was A Book Of Really Short Stories

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Sometimes the most interesting way to say something is to say it in the form of an allegory. Such illustrations cause the hearer to pause for a moment and look more deeply at the message hidden in the story. The stories in this book are meant to be both insightful and entertaining. Did I mention they’re really short?

The Higher Life: An Inner Presence 

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Paul of Tarsus is honored as one of the great saints of the Christian religion. His letters are considered Holy Scripture. One such letter, contains a statement that sums up what it meant to him to be a follower of Christ. In The Higher Life, Dan Pedersen unpacks this text to help guide the reader to find his or her “higher” self.