Examining What It Means To Be “Productive”

Every day does not need to be “productive”. Many of us measure the value of our days based on productivity, as though life is actually about being productive.

Productivity is often associated with things that are not productive at all. Productivity is often thought of as producing results, but producing results is not always what is needed. Many times these “results” are actually counter-productive, as they deplete resources, including our most valuable resource — time.

We think that living for the moment is the same as living in the moment. Or we try to create a better future by sacrificing the present, not knowing if we will even have a future.

Instead, productivity should be thought of as time well spent. In other words, was it a valuable use of my time?

There is nothing more valuable and productive than the appreciation of just being alive in the moment, free from all your battles and thankful for who you are and what you already have. A few moments spent this way is far better than a whole day of getting stuff done.